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        Company Profile

        comTAIZHOU HUANGYAN YISEN MOULD CO.,LTD. Is specialized in injection mold manufacturing private sector. Our factory has advanced mold technology professionals, CAD / CAM / CAE technology for 3D design, drafting, modeling can be adopted in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

        We providw three types of mold: large, medium and small, divided into daily necessities and industrial classes according to their use. The former includes of washing machines, refrigerators series, furniture series, sanitary ware series, incubator series, finishing boxes series; the later inclode bath pipes, stationery, car bumpers, instrument panels, steering wheel, fender latter. In recent years, we processed for the North American and European customers phone shell mold, the mold of remote control panels, children's products nearly 100 sets moulds.

        Willing yisen person to be your partner and friends.



        We manufacture large, medium and small moulds, they can be divided into daily necessities and industrial classes moulds according to their usage.

        Contact Info

        Add: No.39zhaofeng Road, Xinqian Street,Huangyan,Taizhou,China.
        Tel: +86-576-84238668
        Fax: +86-576-84080016
        E-mail: china@yisenmould.com / sale@yisenmould.com
        Web: www.dfqmw.cn

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