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        Mold Manufacturing Process

        With a complete design system, Yisen is responsible for forward-looking research and new product development. By advanced CAD / CAE / CAM technologies, and UG, CATIA, MOULD FLOW, PRO/E software, the company carries out product design optimization so as to shorten the product development cycle and ensure the quality of moulds.

        mouldflow11.Production step
        2.Testing product,make the drawing
        3.Design the mould structure
        4.Confirm the producing
        5.Ready for starting
        6.Rough production
        7.Heating treatment
        8.Fine production
        9.Testing parts
        11.First testing mould
        12.Completely assemble
        13.Surface treatment
        14.Delivery sample
        15.Delivery mould


        We manufacture large, medium and small moulds, they can be divided into daily necessities and industrial classes moulds according to their usage.

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