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        Mould Design

        We implementing senior fitter and designer common approval system, and integration of Europe and America mold design standards to eusure our design meet customers demands.

        Company R & D center has a group of energetic and rich innovation ability of R & D staff, their rich experience in mold design and modern design method for the command enable both to get a perfect and effective combination. We have advanced UG, CATIA, worknc, Cimatron, AutoCAD, Moldflow MPI CAD / CAM / CAE, Pro-E, CAXA software, based on IGES, step, DXF and other format file exchange.


        Design Example



        We manufacture large, medium and small moulds, they can be divided into daily necessities and industrial classes moulds according to their usage.

        Contact Info

        Add: No.39zhaofeng Road, Xinqian Street,Huangyan,Taizhou,China.
        Tel: +86-576-84238668
        Fax: +86-576-84080016
        E-mail: china@yisenmould.com / sale@yisenmould.com
        Web: www.dfqmw.cn

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